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Retirement Planning

What is Retirement Planning?

Retirement planning is the process of planning and managing your short and long-term finances to help achieve your financial dreams both during your working years and retired life. It involves analysing your financial objectives, current financial position and expected future cash flow to develop a comprehensive retirement roadmap.

Why Plan?

When do you want to retire? Where do you want to retire to? How much income will you need in retirement? What pensions and investments can you use for your retirement? How much tax will you pay? Will it be enough?

Retirement planning helps you determine:

  • how much to save today for retirement
  • how to invest your savings to get the desired returns
  • how to protect your assets and provide for in case of unfortunate events
  • how to make judicious use of retirement income post retirement.

Why Us?

At CorePlus, we think long term. We encourage all of our clients to start planning towards their retirement as early as possible to ensure they can retire stress-free with sufficient savings.

Our team can help you determine how much savings you need for retirement, how much money you need to save each year and where you should invest that money. We will also carefully consider the most tax effective strategies and income stream solutions, while providing the flexibility you require leading up to retirement.

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